We follow all Covid hygiene regulations –

Stand construction concepts must presently be adapted to the applicable hygiene and infection control regulations at the event location. MEPLAN provides individual support for your booth construction project. We will design your exhibition booth in accordance with all prevailing covid protection and prevention requirements, making your trade fair participation successful also under new circumstances.

Event facility operators and organizers have created their own rules and measures for the protection of exhibitors, visitors and employees, which we address individually and up-to-date for each project. Nonetheless, three important principles are currently essential and valid for participation in trade shows at any location: distancing, visitor routing and hygiene.

Principles of hygiene at the exhibition stand –

  • Distancing
  • Visitor routing
  • Hygiene

Distancing regulations

  • Due to the generally applicable minimum distance of 1.5 meters between two people, booth layout planning currently requires more generous spacing and must include circulation areas
  • For the installation of exhibits, showcases, displays, counters etc., adequate spacing should be planned for and, if necessary, provided with floor markings to avoid crowding
  • For two-storey stand structures, a sufficiently wide staircase needs to be installed or one-way traffic provided, so that the flow of visitors to the booth can be directed as needed
  • In meeting areas, transparent partitions, such as acrylic glass panes, are to be installed if necessary

Visitor flow management

  • Clearly marked entrances and exits that can be monitored are to be provided to control the flow of visitors
  • Reliable access control will prevent crowding at the stand
  • For lectures and presentations held at the booth, adequately spaced seating must be arranged

Preventive hygiene measures

  • At the booth entrance and exit, easily accessible hand sanitizer dispensers should be placed
  • Frequently used contact surfaces (e.g. door handles, tables, handrails, showcases and displays) should preferably feature smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces for regular cleaning
  • To ensure a maximum exchange of air, enclosed meeting rooms should only be built with completely open ceiling structures
  • In the case of two-storey structures, the area below should be designed to allow sufficient air exchange