Your trade fair success is important to us – Exhibitions offer an ideal platform for communicating with your target groups. The detailed planning of your exhibition presence lays the foundations for your exhibition success. MEPLAN CONSULT supports you in all phases of your exhibition project—from preparation and implementation through to structured follow-up.

Take advantage of our many years’ experience with exhibitions and pragmatic solutions. MEPLAN CONSULT offers not only extensive exhibition consulting but also supports you with the optimum implementation of your exhibition strategy.



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Exhibition training courses – Your employees are your factor for success – A friendly smile is part of the toolkit for any exhibition, but certainly not the only part. At the trade show, your stand team will be in a special communication situation. Your staff must not only actively approach visitors, but also be able to cope with unexpected and critical situations.

Whether you need a full-day training course at your company’s premises, a quick boost during a sales meeting or short training immediately before the start of the exhibition, or for the kick-off of the first exhibition day: MEPLAN CONSULT offers tailor-made training methods, to prepare your employees optimally for the exhibition.

In-house training
In-house workshops by MEPLAN CONSULT prepare your stand team optimally for the communication challenges on the stand.

The content and duration of workshops will be adapted specifically to your objectives.

The following topics are covered extensively in the workshops:

• Importance of exhibition objectives for the performance on the stand
• Initiating, managing and concluding a business conversation
• Impact of body language on visitors
• Dealing with critical situations
• Follow-up on contacts made during the show

Your stand staff will experience how they can communicate with visitors to show effectively, based on practical examples, role play and other interactive situations.

Trade fair kick-off
MEPLAN CONSULT’s kick-off training courses give your stand team a motivation boost shortly before the start of the exhibition, a feeling of belonging to a team and looking forward to the exhibition.

The content and duration of the workshop will be customised to suit your objectives.

Typical topics covered during the kick-off training:

• Potential of your trade fair participation
• Significance of your exhibition objectives for the stand team
• Rules of the trade fair game
• Image and trade fair mission statement
• Incentives for employees

Your stand team will experience how successful the forthcoming days can be and what each individual can contribute to the company’s success.


Kick-off lecture
In the run-up to the fair, or to lighten up the mood during the fair, the kick-off lecture provides inspiration and motivation for your stand team.

Topics that are important to you will be incorporated, as well as major topics that are essential for the success of your trade fair appearance.

If your stand team is spread across multiple locations, a webinar offers the perfect alternative to on-site training. While sitting comfortably at their computer or on their mobile phone, each employee can conveniently attend a 45-minute webinar.

The topics can be, for example, communication and behaviour on the stand, or important rules of the game. The content and time frame can be flexibly adapted to your wishes and needs.

We would be glad to send you an offer without commitment on your part


Lead Management – being quick pays off – our full-service solution to capture visitors’ discussion data at the exhibition. The tool is ideal for exhibitors who use paper lead forms and need the data logged quickly as an Excel list in order to promptly respond to visitor inquiries.

Based on your goals for the exhibition, we design together with you the appropriate lead sheets, depending what information you need from your visitors. During the fair, the MEPLAN team digitizes your lead forms and all the information contained on them on site. You receive the results on a daily basis as a quality-tested Excel spreadsheet with all contact and discussion information and evaluations concerning visitor profile and interests.

Our package comprises the following services:

• Consultation on Lead Management
• Creation of interview sheet
• Digital recording of the completed lead sheets
• Provision of data as an .xls spreadsheet
• Evaluation and daily compilation of statistics on
   visitor profiles and interests.


Monitoring success – no question of gut instinct – Attending a trade fair is an expensive but highly effective marketing tool. How successful the show really was for the company is often determined only by gut instinct. But you can’t defend a marketing budget based on gut feeling alone. You need sound evaluations in order to press the right buttons.

How do you determine success or failure? And how can lessons learned be used to improve the next exhibition presence? MEPLAN CONSULT supports you in collecting relevant information and interpreting it in order to identify optimization approaches for your next exhibition participation.

Stand feedback
During the exhibition, you often don’t have the time for an objective and structured evaluation of the quality of your stand.

Exhibition stand specialists from MEPLAN CONSULT give you professional feedback about your exhibition presence. The analysis of your stand is carried out using an extensive list of criteria to assess the functionality, design and communication quality, and on this basis identify the development potential for follow-up events.

The content and scope of the stand feedback will be adapted to be adapted to your objectives.



Service quality analysis
By conducting a service quality analysis, you can optimize the service quality of your stand staff already while the trade fair is on-going.

Mystery test visitors of MEPLAN CONSULT observe what happens on the exhibition stand incognito, and participate in the action. The goal is to analyze different aspects, such as the time it takes to initiate a conversation with visitors to the stand, the general behaviour and body language, conversation management, and your stand team’s ability of conveying the information while adhering to the pre-defined communication targets.

Afterwards, the survey results will be discussed in detail, so that they can be included in the team coaching sessions during the exhibition.

Content and scope of the test visits will be adapted to your objectives.

We would be glad to send you an offer without commitment on your part


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“Many thanks for the documents and the interesting time in Munich. We liked the workshop very much and took a lot of learning and ideas home with us. We would be pleased to participate in your workshops again in future. Thank you so much!”
Zeljka Lehpamer
MALI International AG


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank bauma and MEPLAN, represented by you, for the very informative day. I appreciated especially the relaxed atmosphere, the teamwork, which was implemented at exactly the right time, and the communication among each other. There ought to be a lot more workshops like this …. really great!!!”
Stefanie Bartels
ThyssenKrupp GfT Bautechnik GmbH


“Let me take this opportunity to say thank you for the “Trade Fair Success Initiative” workshop. It was an additional support and of great assistance in preparing for the fair.
Valuable suggestions for implementing our trade fair participation were imparted in the context of the workshop. We obtained not only theoretical knowledge, but also many tips and tricks for practical project planning.
The workshop was designed so well that we booked the trade fair coach for two in-house training sessions to coach the entire BayernLB exhibition team. The events promoted the exchange of information, provided new impetus and have moreover been a lot of fun at the same time.”
Sonja v. Kaehne